North American Surveillance Systems

NASS Project Experience

North American Surveillance Systems has a long-standing reputation for providing expert consulting, design and installation services to all segments of the global surveillance market.

NASS’ engineering and technology teams have the expertise in custom installation and product design innovation plus the ability to provide single source surveillance solutions to qualify for challenging military, police, public safety and broadcast contracts.

With many successful projects completed worldwide, NASS continues to lead the industry with its experience in rotary and fixed wing modification.

This includes aircraft from all aviation sectors such as, but not limited to:


  • Cessna 208
  • UH-1B
  • HH-1H
  • Bell 212
  • BK-117
  • F27
  • Sea King
  • KA200
  • UH-1H
  • C235
  • AS-365
  • C212
  • EC-165
  • AS350
  • CH47
  • Fennec
  • Puma
  • DHC6

NASS Clients Include:

United Arab Emirates (UAE) Special Operations Command

NASS modified six Cessna Grand Caravans by installing Blue Sky Network satellite tracking and communications systems. Custom mounting hardware was designed, manufactured and installed for interior and exterior components. Custom cable kits were prefabricated, installed and integrated into the aircraft ICS system. A cockpit and interior NVIS conversion and exterior covert lighting was completed on a UAE Special Operations Command Grand Caravan (C208).

Colombian Armed Forces

NASS installed a multi-sensor imaging system on a Cessna Grand Caravan which included a NASS-designed camera side mount and quick disconnect.

A custom mission console was designed and fabricated to accommodate the electronic equipment. A cockpit monitor was installed on a custom designed mounting bracket.

U.S. Department of State

NASS completed three aircraft installations which included multi-sensor imaging systems on NASS retractable mounts. The mounts retract the imaging system into the cargo pod for take-off, landing and covert flights. The entire installation was completed under FAA Supplemental Type Certificate. An upgraded generator was installed on each aircraft.

Northrop Grumman Corporation

NASS installed an airborne multi-sensor surveillance system in a retractable mount on a Cessna Grand Caravan. The installation was STC approved. NASS also installed an upgraded generator and a custom designed mission console.

Aviation Specialties Unlimited

NASS installed an airborne surveillance system and associated equipment including a microwave downlink system, digital recorder and LCD monitors. A mission console was designed and fabricated to accommodate mission specific equipment.

Royal Thai Army

NASS installed a full multi-sensor imaging system, moving map and microwave downlink on a Bell 212 helicopter on site in Thailand. This system required the custom design of both the equipment rack and tail mount for the TROLL pod microwave antenna. Additional equipment was provided for a mobile receive vehicle, tower mount diversity receiver and handheld microwave receiver. The cockpit of the Bell 212 was converted to NVIS capability. NASS also provided full training sessions on the use of the multi-imager, moving map system and microwave downlink.